Professor and ILO-United Nation’s International Consultant Prof DP Sharma has been conferred for prestigious award named ‘Shantidoot’ (Ambassador of Peace) by the World Peace Movement Trust India.

The board of trustees of the Foundation , ‘World Peace Movement’ has decided to confer the “Honor of Shantidoot” on his recognition to his notable services for humanity-in spreading worldwide peace and value education through green information and communication technologies in particular.

Will future generations be able to understand the unbearable pain and sacrifice of the victims of India’s Partition : Dr. DP Sharma and Shri Vijay Samnotra

The award will be presented to him in an Award function in December 2017.  Previously this award has been presented to Padma Bhushan Ela Gandhi grand-daughter of Rashtrapita Mahatma Gandhi (Member of Parliament South Africa), famous Gandhian philosophy activist  Dr. SN Subba Rao, Famous Myanmar Historian Prof  On Song Tung, Darbon Surgeon Dr. Narvda Singh,  Former Lok Sabha Speaker Shri Ravi Ray and current HRD Minister Govt. of India, Dr. Satya Pal Singh.

The trust, which was founded by internationally known Gandhian scholar and Padamshree, Vice Chancellor Prof Ravindra Kumar and former Governor Tripura & Former union Minister of India Prof Sidheshwar Parshad, is working for world peace and spreading education. Its aim is to preach non-violence. The trust is publishing international journal on Global Peace. The Trust is also working for bringing about reconciliation among social groups, religious communities and sects, it is focusing on equality, integration, understanding non-violence, social change, unity and global peace.

Prof Ravindra Kumar informed that non-violence, inherent in human nature, is an ever abiding value for maintaining universal peace adding that concept of non-violence is very essential. Prof Sharma working as International Consultant/Adviser (IT) ILO, United Nations said that award has put more responsibility on him for working more in this field.


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