More than 60 lakh Vaccine doses administered today till 7 pm

COVID-19 Vaccination Coverage exceeds 159.67 Cr

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2,38,018 new cases recorded in the last 24 hours

दिल्ली में बढ़ रही कन्टेनमेंट जॉन की संख्या

Going to a doctor is not always possible

Yoga means to unite people

The Omicron variant is infecting the general public many times faster than the earlier variants : PM

Do Surya Namaskar from home and upload videos on the links used for registration

India’s Cumulative COVID-19 Vaccination Coverage exceeds 154.61 Cr

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Surya Namaskar rejuvenates Mind and body

ये सबसे खतरनाक गतिविधियां जिसके कारण आ सकते हैं कोरोना की चपेट में

More than 152.89 Cr people got corona vaccine in India

धर्म संसद जैसे कार्यक्रम भाईचारे के लिए बेहद खतरनाक

156.71 Crore codid vaccine doses provided to States/UTs

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More than 156.05 crore corona vaccines were given to the states

1,79,723 new corona cases came in the last 24 hours

The Surya Namaskar is a set of 8 Asanas performed in 12 steps with coordination of the body and mind

A meeting with CMs be convened to discuss state-specific scenarios, best-practices and the public health response : PM

ओमिक्रोन और कोरोना की महामारी से निपटने के लिए PM मोदी की हाईलेवल मीटिंग

मैं भी कोविड पॉजिटिव

धर्म प्रेम व धर्मांधता में अंतर ज़रूरी

More than 155.94 crore corona vaccines were given to the states

1,59,632 new cases of corona arrived in the day

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90 % से ज्यादा लोगों को लगी कोरोना वैक्सीन की पहली डोज

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