Angelina Jolie Wins Her First Tony Award for Producing ‘The Outsiders: A New Musical’

# Angelina Jolie with her daughter Vivienne at Tony Award
Angelina Jolie with her daughter Vivienne at Tony Award ( Photo: Social Media )

Angelina Jolie, celebrated actress and humanitarian, has marked a significant milestone in her career by clinching her first Tony Award for producing the acclaimed Broadway sensation, ‘The Outsiders: A New Musical’. This achievement not only highlights her prowess in the world of entertainment but also underscores her dedication to bringing impactful stories to life on stage.

A Memorable Evening at the Tony Awards

The 77th Tony Awards ceremony, held in a glittering affair, saw Angelina Jolie grace the event alongside her 15-year-old daughter, Vivienne Jolie-Pitt. The presence of the mother-daughter duo added a poignant touch to the evening’s celebrations as they shared the joy of ‘The Outsiders’ triumph.

Inspiration Behind Joining ‘The Outsiders’

Angelina Jolie revealed in an interview that her decision to join ‘The Outsiders: A New Musical’ stemmed from her daughter Vivienne’s deep love for theater. She recounted how Vivienne’s enthusiasm for the musical, having watched it multiple times in La Jolla, resonated with her. “My daughter Viv loves theater very much,” Jolie said, “She knows what kind of thing makes her feel closer. She went to see ‘The Outsiders’ about five times and was telling me about it.”

Moved by the profound impact the production had on her daughter, Jolie decided to get involved in its production, marking a personal and professional milestone.

Acknowledgments and Recognition

During the Tony Awards ceremony, producer Matthew Rego expressed gratitude to Angelina Jolie for her pivotal role in bringing ‘The Outsiders: A New Musical’ to fruition. The adaptation of S.E. Hinton’s beloved novel resonated deeply with audiences and critics alike, earning accolades across categories.

Triumphs at the Tony Awards

‘The Outsiders: A New Musical’ clinched the prestigious Best Musical Award at the 77th Tony Awards, affirming its standing as a powerhouse production. Danya Taymor, the show’s director, received acclaim with the Best Director Award, further solidifying the musical’s triumph.

Stellar Performances Recognized

The cast of ‘The Outsiders’ shone brightly at the Tony Awards, with Jonathan Groff receiving the Best Actor in a Lead Role award for his compelling portrayal. Maleah Joi Moon’s outstanding performance earned her the Best Actress in a Lead Role accolade, while Sarah Paulson was honored for the Best Performance by an Actress in a Lead Role in a Play.

Impact and Legacy

Beyond its accolades, ‘The Outsiders: A New Musical’ has left an indelible mark on Broadway, resonating with audiences through its powerful storytelling and memorable performances. Angelina Jolie’s involvement not only brought attention to the production but also underscored her commitment to projects that blend artistic excellence with profound thematic resonance.

Angelina Jolie’s journey with ‘The Outsiders: A New Musical’ exemplifies her multifaceted contributions to the arts and culture. Her Tony Award win for producing this remarkable adaptation stands as a testament to her vision and dedication. As ‘The Outsiders’ continues to captivate audiences, its impact on theater and storytelling remains profound.


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