Monday, May 25th, 2020

YFLO to confer Young Women Achiever Awards 2016-17

YFLO-Young-Women-Achiever-AINVC NEWS New Delhi ,

 Young FICCI ladies Organisation (YFLO) will  confer the Young Achievers Awards for the year 2016-17  to outstanding women achievers who have excelled in their respective fields and made a significant contribution to society at a function to be organized on April 7 in New Delhi . The primary objective of these awards conferred every year  is to promote entrepreneurship and professional excellence in women. Young women under the age of 45 are chosen from diverse fields and are felicitated through these awards. The eminent young women achievers who will be conferred awards for the year 20161-17 include Sussanne Khan (Entrepreneur), Simran Lal (Business), Kalli Purie (Media), Shaina NC (Politics), Deepa Malik ( Sports), Chiki Sarkar ( Literature), Malvika Poddar ( Fashion), Gauri Shinde (Film), Preeti Chandra (Community Service), Bhavna Kakkar (Art) & Vidha Lal ( Performing Arts).  The felicitation ceremony took place in the presence of Smt. Smriti Zubin Irani, Hon’ble Minister for Textile, Government of India. The major highlight of this year’s Awards ceremony will be  a fashion show by eminent fashion designer Sabyasachi Mukherjee, who pioneered the use of Indian textiles in a modern context. FLO President, Vinita Bimbhet; YFLO Delhi Chairperson, Trupti Gupta, FLO Past Presidents & YFLO Committee Members will be the show stoppers , who will walk the ramp, in exquisitely designed creations by Sabyasachi. “YFLO as pan India business organization  working towards the goal of women empowerment  confers the young  achievers awards to women who have excelled in different spheres of life and have created impact through their stupendous work in the lives of others. The organization believes in recognizing successful women, who other than excelling in their respective fields are icons of inspiration to society and encourage other women to brave the odds and emerge victorious” said Ms Trupti Gupta, Chairperson, YFLO , “There was a time when globalization was a big word,  but soon it gave way to  global local—and followed by not only nationalism but also regionalism. It is regionalization that will set us apart and ahead because regional textiles can impart a social identity that is globally unique, strong and unapologetic. Sabyasachi Couture works with some of the most important and iconic textiles and craft communities in India to give the consumer an individual voice. This show for Young FICCI Ladies Organization will be  a reflection of that vision. “ said Designer Sabyasachi Mukherjee “Handwoven “kadwa” silk saris from Benares, the sumptuous allure of kanchipuram silks, the finest patolas from Patan, chikankari from Uttar Pradesh, khadi from Andhra Pradesh and indigenous methods of dying, printing and various hand embroidery celebrates the spirit of India. We believe that the finest textiles and craftsmanship should exist in India as clothing and not just mere costumes. As the country generally follows an aspiration curve that is called “the trickle-down theory” in economics, it is important to celebrate exuberant textiles and crafts in privileged corridors of society through weddings and other cultural events. It helps us sustain specialization and the eventual generic trickle down into the mass market.” He added.



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