Kirana King Felicitates Retail Employees
Celebrates Retail Employees’ Day (RED) 2020


While the year 2020, on account of the pandemic, has been extremely challenging for everyone, the grocery retail staff who have been untiringly serving across all occasions& festivals, must not be forgotten for their grit and determination especially during these challenging times. They are the ones who have made a constant effort of making the whole grocery retail eco-system work seamlessly with selfless efforts of working relentlessly to stand and servegroceries at the stores and even at the doorsteps of the consumers.  The retail employees have emerged as CoronaWarriors whilst fighting the worst pandemic as frontline workers putting their as well as their families’ lives at risk to keep consumers’ essential needs & requirements fulfilled.


As a part of the retail community Kirana King hasfelicitated, honoured&applauded the remarkable contributions of the ‘True Warriors’ this Retail Employees Day(RED) on 12th December, 2020 under the aegis of a small event at its state of the art Distribution Center in Jaipur.


Mr. Anup Kumar, Founder & CEO of Kirana King, “The hard work and dedication of Retail Employees should set an example for everybody, for they never hesitated to work or to serve even in the most critical times of the pandemic. As the backbone of the organizedretail ecosystem, these retail workers kept working selflessly amidst the Corona Virus outbreak and beyond. In this daring battle of humanity, our retail employees were the one’s lion-hearted. All the employees who always stood at the forefront need to be saluted and applauded for their selfless services.”


Mr. Anup Kumar, Founder & CEO of Kirana King, has expressed gratitude to all the employees and shared a message by saying, “We are humbled by the contributions of our network store workers, who go to work and risk their lives to serve the humanity. Their courage of interacting with consumersand their relentless contribution during this pandemic is really exemplary. In-spite of the challenges and threats posed to their own lives during this pandemic,retail employeesovercame their inbound insecurities and worked on their survival instincts forserving the humanity.’’


Retail Employees Day is just not a normal day as retail is not just a job but maintaining the relationship and the day should be as mammoth as any other festive day for retailers. It’s a day to celebrate the hard work, commitment and passion that retail employeesexude to give the consumers a delightful shopping experience.This year the Day’s celebration is going to be special for Kirana King as they are India’s first revolutionary ‘Retail as a Service (RaaS) basedGrocery Business Model’ with more than 200+network stores, and growing, across Jaipur.


Mr. Anup further commented, ‘‘We are proud of our achievements and we as an organisation are poised for the coming opportunities in the newly evolved ecosystem during the pandemic. While we are expanding our network we are equally aware of how the world is evolving so quickly. We are looking forward to positioning our uniqueRaaS based Grocery Retail Business Model as a pivot to theGroceryRetail Business.”


Kirana King has also made the right investments for they have developed a robust technology stack and a skill development programme for Kirana King Store Owners and others who have opted to be a part of this revolutionary journey with Kirana King – India Ki NayiDukaan. Under this programme, Kirana King Store Owners and other front-end staff are trained& empowered on various aspects of retail store management, Consumer behaviour, visual merchandising, supply chain management, shelving& much more. Imparting technology skillis thecornerstone of their training module.



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