Scientists Prof. DP Sharma                         Amin Tuni                                  Dr. JK Verma

New Delhi ,

Scientists Prof. DP Sharma, Amin Tuni, and Dr. JK Verma jointly honored with Computational Linguistics International Award 2021. 

Three researchers Amin Tuni, Prof. DP Sharma and Dr. JK Verma have been awarded “Computational Linguistics International Award 2021″ for the outstanding research work done in the field of Low Resource Linguistics Afan Oromo.

This award is conferred by ComPE2021 held jointly under technical sponsorship of IEEE Industry Applications Society (USA), Blue Amber Foundation Delhi (India) and North-Eastern Hill Central University, Shillong India for the research paper presented in the International Conference held in first week of December 2021.

The International Jury, based on the performance and qualitative evaluation of 206 research papers, decided that the said research is an excellent research work, which is a very important contribution to the developing language of a country with limited literature. The award has been given for Linguistic Translation and Literary works in the Oromian language Afan Oromo.


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