dr jitendra singh

Australian Space Agency is working closely with the ISRO on India’s first manned mission into space

Science and Technology will play a lead role in next 25 years

This integrated approach will be further extended to include Start-Ups, industry and other stakeholders

DoPT is very prompt in disposing of all the service matters

PM gives highest priority to scientific developments

TDB must reach out to young start-ups in a pro-active manner

Jammu is fast emerging as North India's Education Hub

MSMEs constitute over 90% of total enterprises in most of the economies

The new Satellite will be capable of obtaining vital information for application in different sectors

Yoga gives positive support to the person

IMD has undertaken installation of AWS to provide exact weather forecast

Cooperation is happening in an organic fashion

IMD is effectively functioning in the country

Chandrayaan-3 is likely to be launched during third quarter of 2022

Observatories shall be commissioned and will start functioning by December 2021,

India is already a global power so far Science and Technology is concerned

Technologists and scientists are the true architects of New India envisaged

Now is the time to give a special push and put it on the fast track

The e-book IAS Civil list is an effort by the Department to contribute towards Digital India initiative

Space technology is now being used in diverse sectors

Northeast will lead post-COVID India's growth story

Vaccination is the mainstay of strategy

Dedicated to the nation 12 roads

ISRO will assist development projects in the Northeast

Vaccination at workplace emerged as a successful model

World today is enamoured of Chandrayaan

ISRO will assist development projects in the Northeast through Space Technology

India has a zero-tolerance policy towards corruption

Oxygen availability have been ensured

Devika is not a mere project but a matter of faith for everyone