Venkaiah Naidu

Our planet's health depends upon our choices and our actions: Vice President

Theatre art form needs to reinvent to attract the audience, particularly the younger generation

We cannot act recklessly and invite another wave : Vice President

We are facing both symmetric and asymmetric threats from outside and within

All Indians are like brothers and sisters

People should not have the false impression that one cannot succeed

Transparency, integrity and honesty must be upheld at all times

Games and puzzles are an important component to nurture inquisitiveness

The NEP seeks to make Indian education holistic, multi-disciplinary, and practical

Navroz is occasion for together worship and celebrate

India must be Atmanirbhar in every sense of the word

Personal attacks should not be made, while policies could be criticized

People must move forward in a constructive and positive manner

स्वतंत्रता संग्राम का इतिहास अधूरा

Impartiality and objectivity of press is of supreme importance for a democracy to survive and flourish

Time is the essence in doing so and for making up for the missed opportunities

Eliminate social evils like casteism and corruption that impede the progress of the nation

Indian tradition has relied on poetry for transmission of wisdom

One must accord full respect to all the mother tongue or native languages

Tourism should serve as a tool for the empowerment of local communities

This trend needed to change

They should be turned into people’s movements

You will not have a united India

India and France could act as harbingers of peace and stability

He witnessed the essence of the Nation

No language should be imposed

We must keep our defence preparedness at its peak always

Its dilution would lead to industrialization of Jammu and Kashmir

Latvia and India enjoy friendly and cordial relations

Vice President to hold high-level meetings in Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia