Friday, September 20th, 2019

Venkaiah Naidu

They should be turned into people’s movements

You will not have a united India

India and France could act as harbingers of peace and stability

He witnessed the essence of the Nation

No language should be imposed

We must keep our defence preparedness at its peak always

Its dilution would lead to industrialization of Jammu and Kashmir

Latvia and India enjoy friendly and cordial relations

Vice President to hold high-level meetings in Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia

Let us rededicate ourselves to upholding the dignity and respect of women

Democracy would be more meaningful

Book would prove useful to the common man

Vice President calls for enhancement of capacity building in Disaster Management

He advised the minister to focus on speeding up the electrification of un-electrified households

Defence Minister to expedite projects in AP

Biodiversity is fundamental to the survival of the human race: Vice President

Made an earnest appeal

It signifies the true essence of life and its journey

He was deeply moved by rural developmental

It should be a matter of concern for all stakeholders

Gandhiji was an inspiration to all mankind

Right time for India to recapture its past glory

Their efforts would definitely strengthen our social fabric

India should not be pulled back

Youth must draw inspiration

Completely committed to protecting the rights of its minorities

India has made great strides

Post accident response system should be robust

Book Fairs should be conducted in every district

Media should never lose sight of its Dharma