India will soon develop and manufacture receiver modules essential for the NavIC

KL Deemed-to-be University hosts its 11th Convocation

ISRO's agreement with other countries : 132 Million Euros would be earned through launching of these foreign satellites on a commercial basis

IRIS, will also support SIDS by facilitating access to existing financial mechanisms for resilient infrastructure development

The remote sensing satellite data and images have become indispensable tools in enhancing efficiency

The young minds that come to the PEC are fertile and open to innovation : President

Incidents of stubble burning in Punjab, Haryana and UP have come down significantly this year

IIT Roorkee commemorates World Space Week 2021 to celebrate Women in Space

Australian Space Agency is working closely with the ISRO on India’s first manned mission into space

The new Satellite will be capable of obtaining vital information for application in different sectors

ISRO will assist development projects in the Northeast through Space Technology

ISRO is all set to open its facilities for the private sector

There are more than 500 companies that partner with ISRO in carrying out space activities

शुक्र ग्रह पर मिले जीवन के संकेत

ISRO’s maiden mission to the Moon has sent images which show that Moon may be rusting along the poles

These reforms will allow ISRO to focus more on research and development activities

गगनयान में अंतरिक्ष यात्रियों के खाने का मेन्यू आया सामने

Chandrayaan-3 mission to the moon, comprising a lander and a rover is approved

We achieved an important milestone in the history of PSLV by successfully launching its 50th mission

इसरो ने बनाया नया कीर्तिमान

ISRO ने लॉन्च किया कार्टोसैट-3 सैटलाइट

Strict action is being taken against terrorism at all fronts

मिशन चंद्रयान 2 : गिरने के बाद नहीं टूटा है लैंडर विक्रम

भारतीय अंतरिक्ष का बड़ा खिलाड़ी

मिशन चंद्रयान 2 :  पता चला विक्रम लैंडर का

ISRO aims for successful landing at 1.55 AM on 7th September

अंतर‍िक्ष में भारत की एक और बड़ी कामयाबी

ISRO will be able to collaborate with Space agencies

NSIL would spur the growth of Indian industries

22 जुलाई को दोपहर 2.43 पर होगा लॉन्च