Haryana News

Motion of some stars holds clue of dark matter shape in barred galaxies

Haryana is leading the way in terms of registration in Surya Namaskar

Our soldiers serving the nation have no match in the world

Adi Badri is the source of many small rivers

Today the registration of land took place in Ambala Cantonment Tehsil

Punjab government put the life of the Prime Minister in danger: Haryana CM

Police officers should dispose off pending cases as soon as possible: Anil Vij

Guru Sahib never bowed in the face of any injustice

Entrepreneur Awards will be given to entrepreneurs passing from State ITIs: Mool Chand Sharma

आधुनिक खेती की ओर बढ़ेंगे किसान

It is really unfortunate to see

Haryana is a leading State in Solar Pumps installation, Manohar Lal

Youth are benefitted from this scheme

Third wave is definitely knocking at our door

Preparations completed for corona vaccine to 15.40 lakh children of Haryana

The university is making a significant contribution

Future Anganwadis should be modern

All property taxpayers will get one-time waiver

People of the state should get the benefit of the new amendments

Lord Jesus demonstrated the path of peace

Make Amrit Mahotsav a festival of the people

Lord Valmiki was a beacon of light for the society

Haryana Law Commission is being constituted to remove the overlapping of laws

Work of social service is being done

The guilty will not be spared

Education is the key to wholesome growth of society: Governor Dattatraya

The welfare services are delivered to the eligible beneficiaries

Punjab government is ready to bear the entire expenditure

Efforts are being made to double the income of farmers

Haryana will become the first state in the country in terms of sufficient oxygen