Chief Minister

We cannot produce more water, it can only be managed

Goa continues to be an ideal place to work and live in according to the country’s top investors

गुजरात मुख्यमंत्री - PM मोदी किसी नए चेहरे को भी आगे करके एक बार फिर चौंका सकते हैं

Maximum people could be covered to avail the benefits of development projects

No one suffer for want of health facilities

State taken an important initiative for ensuring prosperity

State is committed to protect the rights of weavers

Arvind Kejriwal’s party has no existence outside Delhi

Agriculture sector played a significant role in strengthening the economy

The younger generation must be educated about eventful journey of the State

Covid cases come down sharply

System would help in providing assistance to women

Father of JP Nadda is under treatment

Special training must be imparted to drivers

Special thrust must be laid on road safety

Central Government is out of touch with the ground realities

State Government is alert and active to tackle bird flu situation

Project would boost tourism and adventure

No shortcut to success

Our Government is committed to the development of farmers, labourers and poor people

Himachal Pradesh registered 25 percent growth for the month of December 2020

Effective steps would be taken

Corona epidemic is not over yet

Punasi reservoir project is a very useful project

Senior bureaucrat Dharmendra takes oath as chairman, NDMC

Terrorism remains a challenge for the world

All out efforts to facilitate the prospective entrepreneurs should be made

India today emerged as a world power

Bhaiya Dooj symbolizes the love and affection

'Gobar aur Mitti Ke Diye Se Diwali' Video is Going Viral