शिकंजा कसेगा ट्राई

Manoj Sinha inaugurates 26th Convergence India 2018 expo

TRAI releases Draft Telecom Consumers Protection (Tenth Amendment) Regulations (TCPR), 2016 for Comments of the Stakeholders

Government has decided to extend the date of implementation of the full MNP in the networks

TRAI issued its recommendations on Reserve Prices for auction of FM Radio channels in new cities

TRAI issues a Draft Tariff Order Prescribing Framework for Commercial Interoperability of Customer Premises Equipment in DTH Services

TRAI issues draft Tariff Order prescribing framework for commercial interoperability of CPE in DTH services, for consultation

Additional entry fee to be charged from the existing Mobile Number Portability licensees

Telecom Development Plan for Lakshwadweep Islands and Andaman & Nicobar Islands

TRAI Releases Draft of: ‘the Telecom Commercial Communications Customer Preference (Fifteenth Amendment) Regulations, 2014’ for Comments from the Stakeholders

Policy Guidelines for Television Rating Agencies in India

TRAI Releases Recommendations on Telecom Network Failures During Emergencies/Disasters – Priority Routing of Calls of Persons Engaged in ‘Response and Recovery’

TRAI Reiterates its Earlier Recommendations on ‘Valuation and Reserve Price of Spectrum’

Increase in Total Broadband Subscriber Base

TRAI Releases Consultation Paper on Issue / Extension of DTH Licence

TRAI releases Consultation Paper on “Valuation and Reserve Price of Spectrum”

The Telecommunication Consumers Education and Protection Fund (Second Amendment) Regulations, 2013

TRAI released draft amendments to the Interconnection Regulations applicable for DAS

TRAI Reduces National Roaming Tariff Ceilings

TRAI puts on notice the cable TV subscribers of Digital Addressable Cable TV Systems (DAS) for non-submission of consumer application forms

TRAI releases draft amendments to the Interconnection Regulations applicable

TRAI releases The Telecom Commercial Communications Customer Preference

TRAI prescribes SMS Termination Charge and Transactional SMS Charge

TRAI releases consultation paper

Extension of last date to receive comments on TRAI’s pre-consultation on Full Mobile Number Portability

TRAI releases Consultation Paper on ‘Review of Tariff for National Roaming’

TRAI issues Directions to all the registered MSOs and their linked LCOs operating in notified DAS areas regarding implementation of Subscriber Management Systems

Ministry of Information and Broadcasting Seeks Recommendations of TRAI for Further Reforms in the Cable Tv Sector

Extension of date for receipt of comments on TRAI’s consultation paper on “Definition of AGR in Licence Agreements for provision of Internet Services and minimum presumptive AGR”.

TRAI Releases Recommendations on “Terms and Conditions of unified License (Access Services)” on Reference made by DoT