Piyush Goyal

GII is Creating Healthy Lives - The Future of Medical Innovation

Piyush Goyal will launch the GII

Indian Railways will conduct the largest recruitment drive

India - UK TO set up three bilateral working groups

The balance of trade is heavily in favor of both countries

India is looking forward to enhanced bilateral engagement with Indonesia

Apprehension and pessimism in Indian industry

This vision clearly demonstrates

The US did not accede to India’s request for withdrawal of these duties

Will give all support and assistance to small traders and retailers

MeitY and NASSCOM may deal with the concerns of companies

Slowdown in global trade and investment is of serious concern

We should move away from subsidies

He will study all issues related to India’s trade and industry

Government consistently focused on development

Empowering people with information

This government has tried to bring transparency in the working of all the Ministries

Capital goods industry welcomes incentives for msme in the union budget for year 2019-20

Government has brought down average inflation to 4.6%, lower than the inflation during the tenure of any other previous government

Piyush Goyal Lauds Unprecedented Growth of The India Post Payments Bank

Department should be taxpayer friendly

Various matters pertaining to coal supply and railway projects in Karnataka discussed

High capacity mines are being planned

Piyush Goyal has been closely following up on the implementation of this initiative

Nation charts the path towards eliminating energy poverty

Google is committed to preserving and breathing new life into artistic and cultural treasures

India is so vast that there will be something new for everyone to see and experience in this country

Mahatma Gandhi always treated Cleanliness as a service to the Nation

India has undoubtedly the unique opportunity to leapfrog

The new train will connect two important destinations