Saturday, September 21st, 2019

Piyush Goyal

This government has tried to bring transparency in the working of all the Ministries

Capital goods industry welcomes incentives for msme in the union budget for year 2019-20

Government has brought down average inflation to 4.6%, lower than the inflation during the tenure of any other previous government

Piyush Goyal Lauds Unprecedented Growth of The India Post Payments Bank

Department should be taxpayer friendly

Various matters pertaining to coal supply and railway projects in Karnataka discussed

High capacity mines are being planned

Piyush Goyal has been closely following up on the implementation of this initiative

Nation charts the path towards eliminating energy poverty

Google is committed to preserving and breathing new life into artistic and cultural treasures

India is so vast that there will be something new for everyone to see and experience in this country

Mahatma Gandhi always treated Cleanliness as a service to the Nation

India has undoubtedly the unique opportunity to leapfrog

The new train will connect two important destinations

All payment details by contractor to labourers should be made available online

Railways has been prioritizing cleanliness, punctuality and catering services for the passengers

New rail lines are being laid

Railway Sportsperson & Coaches will be promoted to the Officer Rank

Coal supplies to Power sector is monitored regularly

Planned for complete mechanisation of inspection, monitoring, relaying and maintenance of Railway track

No complaint has been received in regard to non-implementation of the CSR Policy

Council recommends GST rates reduction on several goods

Government has not slowed down the exploration for estimation of fresh coal resources

No shortage of coal for the Power Sector

illegal mining is a serious problem

Asian countries need to work as a team to tackle the challenges of tomorrow

This would lead to realization of India’s growth potential

Integrity of people and process would decide the investment discourse

investment opportunities to investors from over 80 countries

Four Years’ Achievements & Initiatives of the Ministry of Coal