Defence Research & Development Organisation successfully flight-tests surface-to-air missile Akash-NG

Defence Research and Development Organisation successfully test fires Enhanced Pinaka Rocket

DRDO will now help in fighting the current crisis of oxygen for COVID-19 patients

The technology is being given to the industry for production in large quantities

DRDO conducts successful flight test of Solid Fuel Ducted Ramjet

All these acquisition proposals will be indigenously designed, developed and manufactured

DRDO conducted two successful launches of Vertical Launch Short Range Surface to Air Missile

Bandhan exemplifies the spirit of public-private partnership

DRDO turned this crisis into an opportunity by developing a range of indigenous missile systems

DRDO has been developing high level technologies for defence systems for increasing the capacity and capability of armed forces

This will assist the industry for the speedy execution of projects

The missile is a potent weapon for IAF for Suppression of Enemy Air Defence effectively from large stand-off ranges

Supersonic Missile Assisted Release of Torpedo has been successfully flight

LAC पर मिसाइलें होंगी तैनात - रक्षा अधिग्रहण परिषद ने दी मंजूरी

This will apply to development contracts only

Defence Research and Development Organisation successfully flight tests Hypersonic Technology Demonstrator Vehicle

Treatment is optimised with automation for quick disinfection cycle

It has been designed to sanitise mobile phones, iPads, laptops, currency notes, cheque leafs, challans, passbooks, paper, envelopes, etc.

बेमिसाल मामा : चिकित्सकों को उपलब्ध कराई जा रहीं राज्य में ही तैयार पी.पी.ई. किट्स

DRDO and industries will be strengthened in this time of crisis

Railways in a race against time to make In-house PPE overall

DRDO and Indian Navy to continue the partnership to meet the timelines set for short and long-term goals

Centre will be a national asset in making India stronger

The missile hit the target in top attack mode

DRDO Successfully Flight-Tested Guided Bomb

Repeat performance of the interception demonstrates the country’s professional capability in high technology oriented Ballistic Missile Defence

DRDO, Defence Forces, PSU’s and Private Sector industry’s partnership can be a game changer in the near future

Successful Test Firing of AAD Endo-Atmospheric Interceptor Missile

DRDO successfully flight tests Smart Anti-Airfield Weapon

No food production unit in DRDO