Dharmendra Pradhan

Impact of the Pandemic on India’s future energy demand

Ensuring Minimum Government, and Maximum Governance will be key to enable our industries to create wealth for society

Discussed roadmap for greater localisation in sourcing steel for the auto industry

Government is focused to move towards a gas-based economy

Tourism industry offers unprecedented potential for employment generation and empowerment of our youth

Target of providing 1 lakh houses

Applications may be submitted in prescribed Application Form directly to the Ministry

Indo-US Strategic Energy Partnership highlight major accomplishments, prioritizes new cooperation areas

Commitment to build a thriving ecosystem for innovation and entrepreneurship and support domestic entrepreneurs at all levels

India will see an investment of over US$118 billion in oil and gas exploration

India is set to emerge as one of the primary drivers of growth in gas demand in Asia

The JVA should serve as a testament to the remarkable investment potential of Bangladesh

MoU signed between Indian oil, NTPC Ltd, and SDMC for Waste to Energy plant in Delhi

The steel industry will have to find ways to reduce the cost of construction

We should not only focus on meeting domestic demand but also look to meet expectations of the world

The state will definitely move ahead in the LNG and Agro-industry sectors

The OMCs, in future, will not confine themselves to selling conventional fossil fuels

Central Financial Assistance or Subsidy for setting up CBG plants has been extended

Indian steel sector can strive to be a major player at the global stage

The steel fabrication cluster envisaged will give boost to the MSME

Working on energy efficiency, affordability, security and accessibility

Time has now come to revive the economic activities and employment in the country.

Maximise the free Ujjwala refills for benefit of poor - Dharmendra Pradhan interacted with over 1000 LPG distributors

Appreciates the sincerity and hard work of LPG delivery boys, calls them frontline soldiers

Customer can use this advance money to take LPG refill

Almost 97% Households Now have Access to LPG Cylinders through PMUY

US emerging as the 6th largest source for crude oil imports

Will help to generate employment opportunities across the sector.

Every work we undertake must be towards building a stronger and more prosperous New India

India is expected to become the largest energy consumer surpassing US and China