CIL taken steps to upgrade the mechanized coal transportation and loading system

The cost economics of the project will be evaluated after completion of the pilot project and technical study

Coal warriors worked round the clock to ensure the energy security of the nation : Pralhad Joshi

Any fear of disruption in power supply entirely misplaced

कोयला संकट के पीछे ये है मुख्य 4 कारण

देश में कोयले की भारी कमी - कई राज्यों की हो सकती हैं बिजली गुल

Globally, 73 MT Hydrogen is used for refining, ammonia making and other pure use

Coal India Limited spends over Rs. 500 crores annually on CSR initiatives

Main goal of the pilot project is to monitor the replacement rate of diesel with LNG

Coal PSUs enhanced raw coal production from 565.77 MT in 2013-14 to 716.08 MT in 2020-21

Several activities have been planned for the coming days by CIL

Coal India Ltd forges ahead towards Energy Efficiency

EESL signs MoU with Coal India Limited

Railways are now going all out to overtake last year figures on a cumulative basis

There is no requirement of EMDs for MSEs and Start-ups. Make-in-India provisions have been fully integrated in all tenders

कोयले की ई-नीलामी 22 प्रतिशत बढ़ी

Commencement of commercial coal mining will start new era of growth & development

Coal India Limited to extend Usance LC facility to Power and Non-Power consumers

CIL will produce 750 million tonnes of coal

New rail lines are being laid

Coal supplies to Power sector is monitored regularly

CIL has planned to gradually increase its annual production of coal

CIL& ICFRE Signs MoU for Environment Related Issues in Coal Mining Projects

Coal business will revolutionize : Goyal

Difficulty in implementation is due to the gap in demand and supply position

Coal India and Tata Medical Centre join hands

Coal ministry is committed to increase coal production in the country : coal secretary

CIL has been investing in exploration and the expenditure incurred during the last three years : Piyush Goyal

Coal Ministry Constitutes a New “Inter-Ministerial Task Force” to Review Rationalization of Linkages

Steps Taken to Ensure Adequate Availability of Coal Supply to Power Plants