Nitin Gadkari

Incomplete construction of roads is creating problems

There is enough availability of funds for construction of national highways

Government of India is sincerely working to fulfil his dreams

Leather industry is one of the pioneer village industries

नितिन गडकरी के वाहन के नंबर पर जारी हुआ फर्जी पत्र

It can realize its full potential in terms of its contribution to GDP

This will go a long way in giving the country a safe and corruption free road transport system

Sankalp for Khadi announces Signature for Khadi

Consumer Organization Appreciate and Congratulate Nitin Gadkari and Ministry for their Efforts towards Passage of MVAB 2019

One Nation One Card Will be the game changer

SaveLIFE Foundation welcomes the introduction of Motor Vehicles Bill

State needs assistance of the Union Government

Striving to increase the number of micro and small industries

New vision for entire water resource sector is required

BT MindRush 2019: Business Today Best CEO Awards Announced

Centre is spending for building National Highways

Ganga should be given as much priority

Pollution is not a difficult task

Industrial clusters are being developed

Enough water is available

Jai Ram Thakur met Nitin Gadkari

8th EV Expo 2018 Concludes Successfully

Police can play a key role

Dream of clean Ganga is now within reach

Infrastructure projects will transform the picture of states

It will be a game changer in container traffic of South India

All possible efforts required

It will change the face of urban transport

Looking at the possibility of using these boats during Kumbh Mela

Nitin Gadkari will lay the foundation stone