Nitin Gadkari

STUs and transports have been hit very hard are still struggling to recover.

India is constructing 30 kilometres of roads everyday which is a great achievement during this pandemic time

सीमेंट और स्टील इंडस्ट्री में मोनोपॉली

He is working in co-operation with the Centre to achieve his government's targets

Indigenous products of master artisans are a major attraction at Hunar Haat

New NH projects will attract improved tourist traffic to the State

The government is working towards making e-Highway on Delhi and Mumbai Expressway

These will improve transport of agricultural goods and access to greater markets

Khadi fabric footwear would create additional employment and higher income for artisans

This project will provide direct or indirect employment

The State needs continued support of the Centre for ensuring enhanced progress of the people

It will improve connectivity and trade and commerce through economic corridors

Ministry is trying to provide full connectivity

The government is concentrating on development facilitating convenience of the people

Risk taking ability in innovation and finding new solutions need to be promoted

Country is facing economic crisis these days due to COVID-19 Pandemic

This is a dream which has come true after nearly 25 years

The citizen would get the discount automatically if return journey is made within 24 hours

Nitin Gadkari Exhorts CM Shivraj to expedite the mining permission

This results in lower pollution as smooth vehicular movement helps in  lowering emission of pollutants

MSME is also going to capital market soon

They have a huge potential of creating employment

India can look for new export avenues in MSME sector

The two decisions of the Central Government created a huge employment opportunity

Invites public suggestions on enforcing BIS certification for two-wheeler helmets

This will help the economy to come out of slumber

Moneycontrol, in association with CISCO, hosts ‘Small Business Virtual Summit 2020’to assist MSMEs chart a roadmap towards recovery fuelled by digital transformation

These projects will have positive impact on both the industry and the business

Projects will save time, fuels and cost

Railways and Highways sectors should make combined projects to save cost and to improve usability