Chief Election Commissioner

8 फरवरी को मतदान, 11 को आएंगे नतीजे

You all are brick and mortar of the SVEEP programme of ECI

Recent Elections threw up a fair share of challenges

ECI Magazine My Vote Matters Released

Technology is indeed a major game changer

स्वतंत्र, निष्पक्ष और शांतिपूर्ण मतदान सम्पन्न करवाने के लिए संकल्पबद्ध

We have the best Election System in place in India : Chief Election Commissioner

Election Commission of India is launching a ‘Special Drive to enrol left out electors

Election commission of india Successfully Conducts “ETPBS” in Puducherry’s Nellithope Assembly Constituency

Online survey to assess level of awareness among Overseas Indian voters

Election Commission of India to Conduct Special Training Programme for Asian Election Officials

ECI to Launch Mission of Electoral Roll Authentication From 1st March

V.S. Sampath appreciated the contribution of each SAARC country in sharing their experiences of election management

Evolution of Electoral System of India

चुनाव आयुक्त द्वारा मप्र सहित देश के चार राज्योँ में चुनाव की तारीख का एलान

The country’s electorate now stands at 77.78 crore : Chief Election Commissioner

ECI’s goal is to build wider social support in favour of participatory democracy : V S Sampath

First and foremost a clean electoral roll and hassle free registration are among our highest priorities : Veeravalli Sundaram Sampath

On the occasion that the Commission will organize training for election officers at all levels with the help of Berkeley University : V.S. Sampath

The Commission plans to develop a world class facility and faculty at IIIDEM on Election Management and related democratic processes : Dr S Y Quraishi

IEC started receiving training at the India International Institute of Democracy and Election Management.

“Vishwas hai,Vishwas hai,humko ujalo ki aas hai” so says Singer Kailash Kher

ECI honoured Brand Ambassadors and Partner Agencies for contribution to voters.

Jordan would like to benefit from the experience : Dr. S.Y. Quraishi

Youth are the “vibrant partners” of democracy : Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam

Commission believed in preventive rather than punitive measures and called upon the parties to cooperate - Dr.S.Y. Quraishi

MoU on Mutual Understanding and Cooperation in the Field of Elections Between the Election Commission of India and the Central Election Commission of the Russian Federation