Youth is looking for happiness in social media via mobiles : Prof.DP



Jaipur Rajasthan

The IT Professor and International External Consultant to ILO (An Agency of United Nations) Geneva, Dr. DP Sharma inaugurated the technical session of 4th International Conference on Youth 2025 “Harnessing Youth for Development, Sustainability and Happiness: Imperatives and Challenges for SAARC and Emerging Asian Countries” (ICHYDSH-17) Jaipuria Institute of Management, Jaipur. Invited as a renowned international speaker he talked about illogical use of mobiles for happiness among youths. He said that these days everybody is hooked to mobile devices in morning rather than praying to almighty, and mentioned that youth is addicted with social media for nothing except wasting time and energy. He suggested that our morning should start with prayers and blessings of parents like make me happy, or do not make me the cause of anyone’s unhappiness in the day ahead. By quoting his research he outlined the severe impact of e-mailing, forwarding messages on what’s App etc. on the environment by contributing to increase in carbon dioxide emissions.


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