Youth against Corruption will make the history of Change – Sunil Ambekar




National Organising  Secretary of ABVP Shri Sunil Ambekar said that common man are suffer for corruption and there is a strict punishment is essential for corrupt persons but it is not easy because of the slow process of administration, police , judiciary. He said at the conference organised by ABVP at Mavalankar hall in New Delhi on 12th may , 2011.he further said that there must be legal changes in these institutional bodies.

ABVP also launches a youth forum entitled ‘Youth against Corruption’ for their ongoing fight against corruption. This forum will be strengthening the opinion poll against corruption in all over India. Adderesing to the all India representatives, Shri Sunil Ambekar says that there is a need to check the economic behavior and their results over the social welfare and development scheme to be scrutinize and find out the itch of corruption and reduce it. ‘Youth against Corruption’ will make the history of change, Sunil Ambekar further says.

In this thundering occasion ABVP declare their agenda for the fighting against corruption. In thirteen points agenda are focuses the issue of back the Indian money in foreign banks, make the proper laws against corruption, along with electoral reform, decentralization, and e-governance.


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