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– Ishan Rai –

Ishan-RaiIn this huge busy world we may not get leisure time to spend, we work hard to fulfill the requirements and essential needs of our family. We all love our family, and wants to fulfill all the dreams of family members. So how can we take life risks on the busy roads to fulfill their needs. As a factual detail the number of deaths on roads in a year is more than 20K. Today, we try to run faster than the time. We take loads and stress of our work. We try to save every single second of our life to compete with the world. We sometimes to save time play with our own lives without thinking about our own families for whom we are taking so many burdens on our heads. Beside this teen of the family ride two wheelers and other vehicles even if they are violating rules. They ride rashly and without any safety measures. They love speed which sometimes proves to be deadly. Now here is a situation which can help you to understand that why Road Safety is Must!

Imagine, One day your mom asked you to bring some groceries from the market which was situated just few meters away from your house. You asked for the keys of your bike from your mom but she suggested you to walk to the market as it were a small distance. But you refused her and again started asking for the keys. Somehow you managed to get the keys and moved towards your bike. You thought of wearing helmet but the second thought came in your mind was to ignore helmet as it were a small distance. You turned your bike on and started your ride toward the market, at a turn some college going boys were driving rashly with loud music of their car. You blew the horn on the turn but because of loud music they didn’t heard the horn. When you turned, they crashed into your bike. You became unconscious, when you regained your senses you found yourself in the hospital and your mother was sitting in front of you, crying and praying to the god. You tried to remember the whole incident but you were not able to do so. You tried to move your hand towards your mom and talk to her but you were not able to do that too. Then a doctor entered and told your mother that because of not wearing helmet when you were hit your head banged the footpath and the nerves of your brain which controls all the body movements were destroyed. The doctor often told you that you can’t do even a single movement in your body and you have to live a life with no fun and a life only on a bed. Your parents said that this would not been faced by you if you listened to your mom or if you were wearing a helmet.

Now people want to feel the pain in anyone’s life, they can’t even see the tears in the eyes of their loved ones. Everyone wishes to have prosperity and happiness all the time for their loved ones. But we don’t understand that we our self invite the misfortune for our loved ones by ignoring the safety measures. The small steps which can bring a huge difference and change in everyone’s life. If we are safe, the smile on the face of our loved ones will remain as a permanent

Jewel which will give us a faith of uniqueness & unity. As a student, I also wish to make my family happy. Misfortune is never planned. It comes only when we invite it by our own selves. Definitely it is not the matter of being smart or good looking by not wearing helmet, or other safety measures. It is the foolishness of a human which is inviting the sadness to his doorstep by his own. Our safety secures the future of our family. If these small steps can save us from the misfortune and sadness, the help us in maintaining the peace and happiness of our loved ones. We should accept it and apply it in our lives and should encourage others to do. Our families by our birth onwards stars dreaming for our bright future and their future as well, when we will be at a stage and when we are going to be their successors but such small mistakes such as ignoring the seat belts, violating the traffic rules or not wearing the helmets can give you pleasure just for sometime but later the whole family gets the feeling of regret that why did they gave you the opportunity to do so? If they had not given you the vehicle you would not in that situation. Hence the accidents that you face can also effect the life or your families too.


Ishan-RaiAbout the Author

Ishan Rai

Author and student

Student at Class 10 c ,  D.A.V.Sr.Sec.P.School ,  SEC-8 Panchkula (Haryana )

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