You can take a walk in these five countries at low cost


Who does not want to travel abroad, but people are often unable to plan a trip just because going there is very expensive. There the cost of visa, flight, stay and then food and drink goes out of our budget.

Nepal: Capital Kathmandu is very beautiful. The Buddhist stupas here are famous all over the world. If you are taking a flight from Delhi, then you can easily roam from 12 thousand to 15 thousand. It is a neighboring country of India. You do not need a passport and visa to go here.

Vietnam: One of the cheapest countries to visit from India. Here you will find beautiful beaches, landscapes, delicious street food, caves. Vietnam is a very cheap country for shopping.

Bhutan is covered with the Himalayan hills, where you will get to hear many mystical things and stories. It is believed that the happiest people in the world are from Bhutan. Indians do not need a visa to visit this country. You can reach Bhutan through road, flight and train.

Bali is an island in Indonesia. There are many hi-fi restaurants and trendy fashion stores galore. The air distance from Delhi to Bali is about 6,800 km. It takes around 8.15 hours to reach Bali by flight.

Malaysia: The journey from India to Malaysia is just 4 hours flight. Many tourists come here. Kuala Lumpur is a major tourist destination in Malaysia. There are many markets worth visiting in Malaysia.

Sri Lanka: Sri Lanka is a very cheap country to visit. The special thing is that you can go to Sri Lanka in less time and budget. Here you can roam the beautiful coastal areas. Sri Lanka is one of the most loved islands in the world. PLC&GT


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