You always hear people asking what is it like going to an all-girls school ?



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The Battle of the Sexes ends where the gate of an all-girls school starts, because when you enter the ‘girl world’ it is girl on girl action, filled with an endless saga of drama, gossip, feminism, sister code, cross dressing and fashion parade. The experiences of all-girls school are the same across all all-girls school, transcending across cities, states, countries and continents.


This video by Girliyapa starring Ahsaas Channa, Revati Pillai, Vitasta Bhat, Durin Das, Khushbu Baid and Bhavini Soni will either make you nostalgic or leave you astonished with ensued hilarity at the very true events experienced in an all-girls school. You will see the various types of girls found in an all-girls school, from the strict nun to the queen B to the tom-boy. You will also witness the unabashed talks on periods, sex and boys.


Commenting on the video, Ahsaas Channa who has starred in various Bollywood movies, TV shows and web series said, “You always hear people asking what is it like going to an all-girls school? As they cannot experience that life, we have brought that life to them through ‘What happens in an all-girls school’.”


Apart from portraying the real-life events from all-girls school, this sketch also talks about the insecurity of staining and changing pads in time and curfew timings for girls to be home. Written by Tanisha Murarka, with director Abhishek Kumar, in association with Whisper for #NoMoreDeadlines, this sketch is packed with rib-tickling anecdotes, sisterhood and thought- provoking instances is definitely worth a watch.



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