Prime Minister Narendra Modi , H. E. Mr. Hamid Karzai, Former President of Islamic Republic of AfghanistanINVC,
Prime Minister Narendra Modi spoke on phone today to H. E. Mr. Hamid Karzai, Former President of Islamic Republic of Afghanistan.  Prime Minister congratulated Mr. Karzai for his leadership in ensuring a historic and peaceful political transition and formation of a National Unity Government in Afghanistan. This, Prime Minister said, would not have been possible without the wisdom, courage and foresight of Mr. Karzai. Prime Minister noted that under President Karzai, Afghanistan had achieved huge progress in its quest to build a strong, peaceful, inclusive, prosperous and democratic Afghanistan. The way President Karzai had successfully steered Afghanistan on the path of peace, prosperity and stability during a very difficult period, would never be forgotten.

Prime Minister also warmly recalled President Karzai’s contribution to the strengthening of India-Afghanistan relations. He said that both India and Afghanistan had new governments in place which look to Mr. Karzai as a mentor for guidance in furtherance of bilateral relations.

Mr. Karzai said that he deeply cherishes his long association with India. No other country in the world had done as much for Afghanistan as India had despite constraints of resources. He was confident that the new Government in Afghanistan will continue to attach the highest priority to strengthening of India-Afghanistan relations.

Prime Minister said Mr. Karzai will always remain a special friend for India which was like a second home to him. He invited Mr. Karzai to undertake an early visit to India. Mr. Karzai said that he looks forward to visiting India soon


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