World’s largest Ramayana: This Sanatani miracle is spread across 5333 pages of divine tale


Bhopal : The anticipation for 2024 January 22nd is palpable. The occasion marks the consecration of the Ram Mandir in Ayodhya, where Prime Minister Modi is set to infuse life into the divine idol amidst the presence of numerous saints. However, delve a little deeper into the heart of Madhya Pradesh’s capital, Bhopal, and you’ll discover a gem that often goes unnoticed—the Balaji Hanuman Temple and its colossal Ramayana.

Bhopal’s Hidden Marvel: The Largest Ramayana on Earth

While Ayodhya proudly hosts the grandest temple of Lord Ram, Bhopal holds a unique distinction—the largest Ramayana in the world resides within the precincts of the Balaji Hanuman Temple. This monumental literary work finds its home in the heart of Madhya Pradesh, adding a distinct flavor to the cultural landscape of the region.

The Magnitude of the Ramayana: A Feat of Epic Proportions

Nestled within the confines of the Mehandipur Balaji Hanuman Temple, the world’s largest Ramayana stands as a testament to both devotion and literary prowess. Comprising a staggering 5333 pages, this masterpiece of divine narrative weighs a remarkable 170 kilograms. As you gaze upon its awe-inspiring length, spanning a formidable 51 inches in width, the sheer grandeur of this epic tale unfolds before your eyes.

A Brush with Unprecedented Artistry: Craftsmanship in Ink and Paper

Crafted with unparalleled artistry, the Ramayana is not just an epic in content but a visual marvel as well. The sprawling narrative is meticulously inscribed on yellowed parchment, with each page adorned with red and black ink. The choice of using red ink, akin to the hue of sindoor, adds a touch of reverence, elevating the entire composition to a divine level.

Winding Through the Epic: The Technical Marvel Behind the Creation

To bring this colossal undertaking to fruition, the artisans employed precision and dedication. Each stroke of the pen, dipped in high-quality GIA ink, resonates with the commitment to excellence. The winding process of creating this magnum opus involved the use of GIA wires for meticulous detailing, ensuring that every word of the Ramayana is etched with unwavering clarity.

The Hands Behind the Art: Professor Dr. Arun Khobare’s Epic Dedication

Behind this extraordinary creation stands the remarkable Professor Dr. Arun Khobare, the literary maestro who transcribed the entire Ramayana with his own hands. A testament to his unparalleled dedication, Dr. Khobare embarked on this ambitious journey on March 11, 2008, completing the Herculean task on August 7, 2008. This feat required an astounding daily commitment of 7 to 8 hours, underscoring the profound passion that fueled his endeavor.

A Literary Marvel in the Heart of Bhopal

In the labyrinth of cultural treasures that India unfolds, the Balaji Hanuman Temple in Bhopal stands as a beacon of artistic and spiritual brilliance. The world’s largest Ramayana, meticulously penned by Professor Dr. Arun Khobare, is not merely an epic saga but a testament to unwavering devotion and artistic finesse. As we eagerly await the momentous day of January 22nd in Ayodhya, let’s not forget to acknowledge the hidden marvel that graces the heart of Madhya Pradesh—a Ramayana that stands unrivaled in its grandeur.


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