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Thursday, September 23rd, 2021

World Kidney Day - Columbia Asia Hospital, Ghaziabad experts talk about the importance of screening & prevention of kidney ailments


Proper functioning of human body depends on accurate working of all the body parts, including kidneys, which play a vital role of a natural filter, helping in removing waste products from the blood, and form essential part in the urinary system. Any type of kidney dysfunction can be very risky as it leads to build up of waste toxins in the body due to malfunction in natural filtration. The situation can lead to multiple disorders and also be fatal. While kidney stones are commonplace and generally not risky, other kidney problems may put a person’s life at risk with the condition not being treatable easily and dialysis and transplant being the last options. Problem in passing urine, high blood pressure, lethargy, shortness of breath are signs of kidney problems. If these warning signs are ignored, they can pose serious health risks. Due to lack of awareness, people usually ignore the symptoms and do not realize till its gets extremely complicated and risky. On the occasion of World Kidney Day, Columbia Asia Hospital, Ghaziabad experts has taken the initiative to educate people about kidney ailments and how regular screening can help prevent it. “Kidneys are vital organs of human body and any harm to it can be fatal. In the face of abnormality in its functioning, patients are left with options of dialysis and transplant only. Dialysis is a tough option, as every three days the procedure has to be done to remove waste products from the body, while getting a matching donor for a transplant is very difficult. A simple screening can help diagnose any harm to kidneys in the initial stage and prevent it from reaching an end stage disease. Our aim is to educate people about kidney screening and preventive steps that should be taken in order to avoid kidney diseases,”says Dr K D Sadhwani, Consultant Nehprology, Columbia Asia Hospital, Ghaziabad.



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