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Saturday, September 19th, 2020

World Hypertension Day - Hypertension cases go double in Chandigarh

INVC,Chandigarh,World Hypertension Day, Max Super Specialty Hospital ,Dr Sumit Khetarpal, Sr Consultant Internal Medicine , Dr Amit Gupta  Sr Consultant, Interventional Cardiology,Hypertension cases go double in Chandigarh, Hypertension cases  Chandigarh,Hypertension cases in india,Hypertension cases ,INVC, Chandigarh, To mark World Hypertension Day, Max Super Specialty Hospital (MSSH) Mohali organized a health talk at Sr Citizens Club, Sec-25 here today. During occasion, Dr Sumit Khetarpal, Sr Consultant, Internal Medicine & Dr Amit Gupta , Sr Consultant, Interventional Cardiology at MSSH clarified many myths of hypertension. They said, the changing lifestyles and increase in work-related stress have caused 45% of city current population to suffer from high BP. According to latest research, the number of hypertension cases has doubled in Chandigarh over the last 30 years, informed Dr Khetarpal. Rise in sedentary life style, lack of physical activity, high fat intake, obesity, alcohol consumption, unhealthy diet, smoking and increasing work pressure were the major predisposing factors of hypertension. Terming it a silent killer, Dr Khetarpal said that unchecked high BP could damage the heart, kidneys, brain & blood vessels. Essentially the disease was asymptomatic, but in some patients it might produce headache, breathlessness and light headedness. The only way to detect it was to get it measured, he asserted. “All those over 20-yr years should get their BP checked. The diabetic patients should regularly monitor their BP to reduce the chances of target organs damage. Women, who have high BP during pregnancy should always be on a doctor's follow up for the development of hypertension in later life.” Dr Gupta, educated on the ill effects on high BP on the heart. Persistent hypertension was one of the primary risk factors for heart failure, myocardial infarction, stroke ,arterial aneurysm & chronic kidney failure.



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