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           A spokesman of the State Government said here today that electricity, water supply, telecommunication services and road network have been restored at all major places in the State including Chamba, Shimla and Kullu districts barring roads in tribal belt of the State within two days after heavy snow and intermittent rain. He said the Indo-Tibet National Highway had been restored for vehicular traffic upto little beyond Tapri.
He said that all out efforts were being made to ensure availability of all essential supplies and services to the people.
As per the reports reached at State headquarter today, 161 roads had been opened in all districts in the State which suffered maximum brunt of natural calamity.
He said that other stretches which were blocked due to snowfall would soon be opened  as the restoration work was in full swing and additional men and machinery had been deployed for the same.
Out of 589 various water supply schemes affected, 414 schemes had been made operational and the remaining 175 schemes would be restored in a day or two. As far as electric supply was concerned it was quite normal. The power fluctuation besides  on and off of electric supply was mainly due to repair works being undertaken. However, the effective measures were being taken to restore the electric supply in far flung tribal areas.
The Government was keeping a close watch on the situation and was committed to restore essential services to the people of the State at the earliest.


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