Woodlands House School  organised Annual Art & Craft Exhibition



Woodlands House School, Sector -8 Panchkula had its Annual Art & Craft Exhibition, ‘Rhapsody of Colours’ on Saturday, 12th October, 2019.


The basic aim of the event was to map out the academic, creative and artistic progress of the pre-schoolers; as well as to demonstrate their ability to work on set projects with their peer group even at an early age. Every class takes up a theme in the beginning of the year and co-relates all the work with the theme, throughout the year.


L. K.G- A, L.K.G- B and U.K.G children used waste material to make various useful things. Pottery items made by children were also put up on display. Nursery classes depicted four seasons. For Spring: The class displayed new life, trees in different colours as well as life cycle of a butterfly,bees and flowers. For Summer: Children painted ice -cream cones, swimming pools, summer flowers, clothes and food. Rainy season was shown by creating rainfall, painting umbrellas, clouds and clay moulding frogs by children.


Winter Season was shown by snow fall, Christmas trees, snow houses, warm fire, igloo, penguins and winter sports. Playway classes had a theme of Healthy and Nutritious food, Shapes, Wild Animals and Cartoon World. Parents were invited to see the exhibition.


The principal of the school Mrs. Navneet Bhandari said, ‘It’s all a learning process for everyone. It’s about sharing and developing a team spirit.  The creative minds and dedication of our children, teachers and parents have helped us to put up such a wonderous display of art and handicraft.


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