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Aster RV Hospital organizes ‘Diva 2.0’ walkathon for women equality and healthy living


In order to promote women equality and healthy living among women, Aster RV Hospital organised a walkathon in the city today. Dr. Malathi K Holla, Padmashree and Arjuna awardee and world-renowned international Para Athlete flagged off the event along with the participants and staff from Aster RV Hospital. The event saw participation from more than 250 people across the city from all walks of life.

Addressing the crowd at the flag offDr. Malathi K Holla, chief guest at the event, said, “The strength of a woman is infinite. When put under situations of extreme stress, just like a diamond, she begins to shine more. It brings me great joy to see the huge gathering here today to support the cause of women empowerment and healthy living among women. It is my wish that every woman is empowered to receive the right kind of education, access to quality healthcare and abundant support from family and society to help her achieve her dreams as a woman is the route to a healthy, happy and strong future.”

Dr. Sunil Eshwar, Lead Obstetrics & Gynecology, Aster RV Hospital addressed the participants, “Women form the crux of our society. From growing, nourishing and raising life to multi-tasking ability and taking care of various functions of life, women have unparalleled strength and intelligence which truly shone during the Covid-19 pandemic as they took a lion’s share of responsibilities. We must encourage and appreciate women everywhere, do our best to provide them a healthy lifestyle and encourage healthy living among them as often in a bid to care for others they forget about themselves. On this day, we would like to extend our gratitude towards women everywhere for the irreplaceable role they play every day in our lives.”

The walkathon began at Aster RV Hospital, J.P Nagar with a Zumba session and ended outside with a cool down session by the physiotherapy team.  


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