Women Beware of Alcohol on New Year’s Eve



 The amount of alcohol women can metabolise is 50% less than that of men. New Year is the time when women should be wary of either not starting alcohol or not indulging into high alcohol consumption if they are social drinkers, said Dr. K K Aggarwal, President, Heart Care Foundation of India.

Women who take alcohol can end up with fulminant liver failure if they consume six tablets of paracetamol, which is common for them to consume either to get rid of the hangover or for any incompetent illness. The safe limit of alcohol in women is 5 gm of alcohol in one hour, 10 gm in one day, 35 gm in a week. 10 gm of alcohol is present in 30 ml of whisky and 50 ml of wine. Gin, vodka and whisky all contain same amount of alcohol in gramage. It is quite common for women to drive after their husband/partner have consumed alcohol. They must remember that if they have consumed more than 50% amount of alcohol than their partner, they are more at risk while driving.


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