With recent successes in Redo / Re-operative cardiac surgeries, Alchemist Hospital ups the ante



These highly complex, high risk cases had been shunned by other major healthcare centres

Info book for heart patients requiring surgery released –   Applies for licences to launch multiple organ transplant programme

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The more than 100-bedded Alchemist Hospital in Sector 21 Panchkula has for long been one of the premier hospitals of Haryana, but due to its recent successes in handling some of the most complex re-operative cardiac surgeries, shunned by others, it is posing a serious challenge to the much bigger and more established healthcare centres of the region.
Presenting a few of the now hale and hearty patients of high risk re-operative cardiac surgeries, who had lost all hope, having been refused help by other healthcare centres, Dr Inderjit Singh Virdi, Managing Director of Alchemist Hospitals, and noted cardiac surgeon & chairman – Institute of Cardio Pulmonary Sciences, told media persons that dedicated teams of doctors, upgradation and highest upkeep of facilities and strengthening of systems and procedures have ensured that we are much better prepared to take up even the most challenging of cases.

The hospital is planning to expand its heart surgery programme to lung surgery as well, especially for lung cancer patients. “We have also applied for licences to put in place a multi-organ replacement programme, including heart and kidney replacement, and are confident of receiving the requisite approvals within this year,” Dr Virdi said.

A book recently compiled by Alchemist Hospital on the request of patients of heart surgery, which in the simplest terms explains to heart patients and their families what really happens during a surgery, was got released by one of the heart patients on the occasion. This booklet, currently available in English, is being translated in Hindi and Punjabi as well for the benefit of patients of this region, Dr Virdi said.

Following are some of the recent highly complex re-operative cardiac cases, refused by some of the other reputed healthcare centres and successfully handled at Alchemist Hospital Panchkula by noted heart surgeon Dr Virdi and his team of doctors from the Institute for Cardio Pulmonary Sciences :

1. VIJAY KUMAR RISHI 71/ male had stents inserted in various parts of his body and still successfully underwent a rare third time open heart surgery for replacement of his degenerated bio-prosthetic valve with a mechanical valve.

Suffering from a condition of multiple vessel involvement due to what is medically described as a combination of vasculopathy, life style, diabetes mellitus and uncontrolled hypertension, Vijay Kumar has been in and out of hospital for major procedures since 2003 when he first underwent an aortic valve replacement and a coronary artery bypass surgery.

The patient was admitted with cardiac failure with pulmonary oedema, respiratory failure, renal failure and needed three months to stabilise, first in Delhi and then at Alchemist Hospital Panchkula. It really was a difficult decision to operate a patient with such a critical condition and after being refused surgical intervention by two premier heart institutes in Delhi. This patient was also refused by a leading interventional cardiologist from Delhi for trans-catheter aortic valve replacement (TAVI). It was definitely a rare operative procedure to operate on a patient for third time cardiac surgery.

2. Another patient Darshan Singh 64/male had previously undergone coronary artery bypass grafting in 2008. He presented with complaints of unstable angina and severe left ventricle dysfunction with performance of the heart at a critical 30%. Angiography showed that all previous grafts done in 2008 had again got blocked. In this case again, many healthcare centres had refused admission and case was taken up by Alchemist Hospital Panchkula, were a Redo Coronary Artery Bypass surgery was done and three grafts were added. Post operation recovery was event free.

3. Jagmohan Kumar (59/male) presented with history of chest pain and breathlessness. On investigations, he was found to have severe aortic stenosis and moderate aortic regurgitation and his ascending aorta was dilated ( 52 mm ). Bentall operation was done that is aortic valve was excised and aneurysmal ascending aorta was replaced with 21 mm valves conduit. Both coronary arteries were re-implanted in the aortic graft. Patient recovered uneventfully and discharged.


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