Wipro and nokia forge multi-million dollar deal to revolutionize employee it support


Mumbai  : The information technology company Wipro has signed a deal worth several lakhs of dollars with Nokia. Under the deal, it will improve Nokia’s employee service desk and provide real-time IT support to its employees. The company has not shared the information about the price of this deal.

Wipro said its team will create an AI-driven, cloud-based customized solution for Nokia’s approximately 86,700 employees across 130 countries. The company said that its aim will be to improve the employee experience by providing better availability, secure and automated services. Wipro’s company Designit, which specializes in such work, will research the users and ensure that employees are provided with specific support at the right time.

Vinay Firake, Senior Vice President, Wipro, said that generative AI is becoming an important component of digital work services. Our cloud-based technology expertise and design will best support Nokia’s employees as they leverage technology to better serve their customers.

Nokia Vice President Marji Van Donk said that Nokia is working towards enhancing and improving the user experience with its IT services. Providing better remote support is an important step forward and utilizes advanced technology to provide secure and cost-effective support. There should be no constraints of location, device or network. Implementing this idea will help our users resolve issues on their own. For this they will be given better advice and guidance.


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