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mohan-bhagwat-plan-b,mohan-A surgical strike in Pakistan occupied Kashmir was declared a big success by Mr. Modi lead NDA government of India. The strike took place in POK on various base of terrorist as said by the India media and government authorities. This was the first surgical strike which was given wide spread publicity in the country.

But as  days passed, the strike is being doubted and every morning doubts are multiplying by the Indian intellectuals and leaders.

Why this surgical strike is being doubted?

Indian army has exercised many such surgical strikes in POK till now but why the Modi government did made it public by media in such a way that Mr. Modi has done it for the first time since independence.

The first news was broad casted by the Indian army officer to the media and then the Modi government and BJP tried to establish that the all success and credit goes to Mr. Modi and his strong will. Army was put a side for some time from the news publicity.

When Indian news services were broad casting the news of surgical strike in POK, the Pakistan media constantly denying to such strike in POK.  At the same time United Nations also had release news that the UN officers stationed at POK since long for monitoring the situation in POK  had not witnessed any such activities.

On the same day Indian news agencies had two versions of controversial news that the surgical strike was moved by using  helicopters and then denial from Army news that the strike was moved by road transportation.

The Modi government was busy in saying that Pakistan has become alone, neither SAARC countries nor US and USSR are supporting Pakistan but the reality was all different. The people of the country came to know that majority countries  had supported Pakistan indirectly and not supported India directly.

After the surgical strike the Indian defense minister Mr. Manohar Parikar was saying that Pakistan government and people are stunned, frightened and terrified because of the surgical strike in POK. But the happenings on the boarder is totally different. During ten days after the said Surgical strike the Pakistan army had done violation of ceasefire on the border for more than twenty five times. The Modi government does not clearly announce that the firing happening on the boarder is by Pakistan army or terrorists?  Media also says Some times  Pakistan army and sometimes terrorists.

Violation of ceasefire and terrorist attacks were increased  after the sudden undeclared visit of Mr. Modi to Pakistan. The people of the country still fully unaware about the reason and result of that visit and meeting with Mr. Nawaz Sharif the Pakistan Prime minister and Mr. Modi.  Why the meeting took place in such a way?  It creates doubts. And after that sudden visit the results are attacks. Country wants to know.

More over till now Mr. Narendra Modi as Prime minister of the country not uttered a word against the Pakistan Prime minister Mr. Nawaz Sharif. Why?

Why Indian leaders are asking for the proofs of strike?

Mr. Modi has a long trek record of fixing, managing of situations and media in his favor. Mr. Modi have ruled on Gujarat for twelve years. People of the state and political parties of the country is very well aware of such tricks of Mr. Modi.

During and after the surgical strike in POK  Mr. Modi has not addressed the media, has not announced any thing regarding the operation of the army as the responsible Prime minister of the country, whatever he did was tweets by him.

Mr. Modi have always adopted proxy techniques in his political carrier.  Even in his Chief minister ship or Prime minister ship. He use the proxy techniques to interact with media and officers.  He use to keep himself in non committal status by proxy techniques. He addresses huge public meetings with long speeches but never face open session of press conferences or officers of the ministry and secretaries, except ‘Fixed’ with questions or agenda.

After the general parliament  elections of 2014 the reality of his ‘Fixed’ interviews with media have become public. In a interview with a media, he said that I never prepare speech or answers for any interviews, but the same interview was fixed with questions. The anchor was given questions by Mr. Modi prior to interview, and answers were practiced by Mr. Modi. The whole clipping has became public.

Political and social leaders are watching all moves of Mr. Modi with doubts because, a huge differences happened in what Modi says and what he does or happens.

In his tenure of Chief minister of the Gujarat, the Gujarat state was at number one position in every sectors but the reality is at one hundred eighty degree. Modi organised three investor summits in the state, announced MOUs of  billions of rupees. In reality the majority of MOUs proved fake. By the numbers and values of MOUs Mr. Modi successfully attracted the attention of the world’s Economic corporate, Companies and Leaders. It was all management of Men, Machine and Media, that’s all, very far from base reality.

Fake and fishy encounters and Godhara episoed of Gujarat state happened in the tenure of Mr. Modi are still interests of national and  international news. CAG reports are another black spot on Mr. Modi’s carrier in Gujarat.

Mr. Modi had tried to lift his face internationally as he became Prime minister of India by visiting and helping by donations to small countries, and inviting US, China, USSR and other developed countries to India, showed the generous  hospitality and flattering. But it completely failed, it seems. In the surgical strike episode All countries have supported Pakistan indirectly by not supporting Mr. Modi’s wish.

Mr. Arun Shori, a renowned journalist, Ex minister of BJP lead NDA Government, known intellectual and responsible citizen of the country has raised the questions by his tweet that why the Government does not  shows the proofs of surgical strike to the all political leaders in the closed door meeting?  It’s a very valued suggestion and a valid question.

Leaving doubts of international agencies and functionaries, All political leaders of the country are directly or indirectly doubting the manipulation of surgical strike by Mr. Modi and his party, but no one is doubting army.

The country is facing lots of internal problems under the rule of Mr. Modi, mainly the sinking economy. Mr. Modi has no good economic manager. The finance minster is failed like anything.

In this situation, the state elections is going to be held very soon in  big states like UP, Gujarat, Punjab, Goa  and others. After Bihar elections it is very obvious that the BJP is not going to perform at satisfactory level in any of elections. Thus Modi government needs some type of political wealth to encash in the elections like the adventure or heroical act which can create positive impact on the people of the country, the surgical strike is need of the time for Mr. Modi.

Non or poor performance in the coming state elections, BJP will put the pair of Mr. Modi and Mr. Amit Shah in the list of non performing assets of the party. RSS is minutely watching the situation. If it happens then RSS will have to go for Plan B.

The political leaders and now the common men of the country have become very much aware of Mr. Modi’s majority techniques. So its obvious Mr. Modi needs new techniques to save his status in BJP and RSS.


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