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After the film Adipurush, the fear that Kriti Sanon’s glamorous career might end is now haunting Kriti Sanon because before this, Dipika Chikhlia has said goodbye to her glamorous career forever by playing the role of mother Sita.

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The way Hindutva organizations have put forth the process of their protest even before the release of the film Adipurush, it seems that Kriti Sanon can become the second dipika chikhlia in the coming time.

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If Bollywood circles are to be believed, after the release of the film Adipurush, Hinduist organizations cannot tolerate any bold and glamorous look of Kriti Sanon as this matter will again be associated with the faith of crores of people.


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Only time will tell whether Kriti Sanon will become the second dipika chikhlia or not, but has Kriti Sanon taken a big risk by doing the film Adipurush?



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