Wife saves husband on Valentine’s Day by donating liver


Doctors at Aster RV Hospital perform live liver transplant and save life of a man suffering from Cirrhosis


The opportunity to give your loved one an unusual gift of life rarely presents itself and when it does, family members are often the first ones to step up to save their loved ones’ lives. In one such case, 47-year-old Sakshi (name changed) donated a part of her liver to 49-year-old husband, Rakesh (name changed) saving his life. The couple from Gwalior underwent a living donor liver transplant at Aster RV Hospital. The husband was suffering from cirrhosis for the past four years and experienced a new lease of life due to the transplant. On this Valentine’s Day, the couple is strengthening and celebrating their bond of love and are on their path to recovery.

Commenting on the transplant, Dr. Sonal Asthana, Lead Consultant – HPB & Liver Transplant Surgery, Aster RV Hospital said: “Thousands of patients across India suffer from liver diseases – be it liver cirrhosis or liver failure. Very often, they reach a stage where the only form of cure and the only hope is liver transplantation. When a part of the liver is donated, the remaining part grows back to almost normal size within a few weeks, making liver transplantation from living donors a very safe form of treatment. Liver problems can occur because of fatty liver induced damage (NASH), alcohol, drugs and certain metabolic disorders.”

Speaking on the challenges of the liver transplant, Dr. Apurva Pande, Consultant- Hepatologist, Aster RV Hospital said: “The patient condition was critical and delaying the transplant could have turned fatal. The couple approached us a few days back and we undertook the transplant soon after that. It went successful with the expertise of skilled doctors and surgeons backed by high-end medical equipment at Aster RV Hospital.  Usually, post-transplant infections and rejections are the major roadblocks for successful outcomes.”

Dr. Naphene, Consultant Transplant Surgeon, Aster RV Hospital said: “Transplantation surgery is complex, but it is just as important to address the multidisciplinary needs of such patients. We have excellent support from our anesthesia and critical care team – Dr.Arun V, Dr.Subramanyam S M, and Dr. Chinnadurai. Both husband and wife endured the procedure well, and are doing well now.”

Thanking the doctors, the wife said: “I am very happy that I was able to donate part of my liver to my husband and save his life. This happened only because of the wonderful expertise of the doctors at Aster RV Hospital and their commitment to me and my husband.”

The husband said I thank my wife for gifting me a part of her liver to save my life. There is no better gift on Valentine’s Day occasion and no better example of love than this. Thanks to her for giving me a new lease of life. I am also very grateful to the doctors who showed remarkable proficiency and empathy towards us.”



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