Saturday, July 11th, 2020

Westland shares happiness through books


New Delhi,
To celebrate the occasion of International World Book Day on 23rd April, Westland Publications (an Amazon company) is set to spread the joy of reading this year, among children. Recently, the team at Westland visited Chintan - an environmental NGO that works for environmental sustainability and social justice, and distributed sets of books among the children. In addition to that, the publication house also held an engaging book reading session for the children associated with the NGO. One of the members – Minakshi supported the initiative and also graced the event with her thoughtful short reading sessions with the kids. With this initiative, Westland intends to highlight the importance of books and reading, especially among children and during the growing up years. The team found an apt way to commemorate international World Book Day, while effectively leveraging the power of books. The children at the NGO thoroughly enjoyed the reading session and were delighted in receiving the beautifully illustrated books, which will keep them company. Chintan, the NGO that Westland reached out to, works for environmental justice in partnership with people and groups from diverse sections of society. Their pivotal programme - ‘No Child in Trash’ works with waste-picker children in four areas in Delhi, providing customized education for over 1300 children to help them train for formal school and stay in such schools. The NGO also focuses on ensuring equitable and sustainable production and consumption of materials, and improved disposal of waste. The NGO has been pushing for a cleaner Delhi in ways which are inclusive and sustainable.



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