In the midst of the Ukraine war, Russian President Vladimir Putin has given a clear challenge to the Western countries. He said that if the western countries have the power, then they should show it by defeating them in the battlefield. The Russian President said that his intervention in Ukraine is a symbol of change towards a multipolar world. However, he also said that Russia is still ready for peace talks. Putin has challenged this in talks with parliamentary leaders on Thursday, four months after the Ukraine war began.

Putin said that if this conflict drags on, the chances of talks will become less and more. Putin said today we hear that they want to defeat us on the battlefield. you say so? Let them do this. We have heard many times that Western countries want to fight us till the last Ukrainian. It is a tragedy for the people of Ukraine but everything seems to be heading in this direction. Russia has accused Western countries of waging a proxy war by imposing sanctions on the Russian economy and increasingly supplying Ukraine with modern weapons. Despite this open challenge, Putin has also pointed to possible talks.

He said that everyone should know that we have not started anything serious in general yet. At the same time, we are not ruling out peace talks, but those who reject it should know that the more it goes on, the more difficult it will be to negotiate with us. Putin said it was natural that Western sanctions caused some problems, but not as much as had been anticipated. Putin mentions diplomacy for the first time in several weeks. Earlier, Russia had repeatedly made statements that talks with Ukraine had completely broken down.

Russia has occupied a large area of ​​Ukraine after the attack on 24 February. This includes the capture of Luhansk on Sunday. However, contrary to the fears of many analysts, the progress of the Russian army has been very slow. Not only this, the Russian army has also had to abandon its plan to capture Ukraine’s capital Kyiv and other big city Kharkiv. PLC/GT


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