Monday, February 24th, 2020

Well equipped to tackle any threat

The so-called protest by Sikhs for Justice (SFJ) outside the venue of Chief Minister Captain Amarinder Singh’s programme in Birmingham last night was a damp squib that failed to evoke any support from the local Sikh community, according to a Punjab government spokesperson.

The handful of protestors gathered there not only had no popular or genuine support but they also did not succeed in disrupting the Chief Minister’s programme in any way, said the spokesperson.

Captain Amarinder attended the entire event and was there for almost three hours, the spokesperson pointed out, adding that it was so-called protestors who were, in fact, forced to beat a hasty retreat, the spokesperson added.

The Chief Minister had, in his address to the Indian diaspora at the event, dismissed SFJ as an ISI-backed hardcore terrorist outfit with no ideological base. The organisation had no agenda but to divide Punjab and India by creating a wedge in the Sikh community, he said, adding that their nefarious designs would not succeed in the face of India’s unity and strength.

Punjab, as well as India, were well equipped to tackle any threat against their peace and harmony, the Chief Minister had made it clear.



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