The bold look of Kriti Sanon, the lead actress of the film Adipurush, has gone viral

Kriti Sanon's bold look goes viral, can be harmful for the film

Kriti Sanon has high hopes from the film Adipurush

Kriti Sanon has done many big films before the film Adipurush, but this film is special for her.

Who would not be happy with this murderous act of Kriti Sanon?

The film Adipurush can tie Kriti Sanon in a special image

Kriti Sanon may not do any such photo shoot after the film Aadipurush.

This may be the last photo like this after Kriti Sanon's film Adipurush.

It is possible that Kriti Sanon will be seen only in saree after the film Adipurush.

This may be her last wild look before Kriti Sanon's film Adipurush.

Kriti Sanon may never be seen in a bikini after the film Aadipurush