In a programme held at Rajbhawan on the occasion of 90th Jayanti of Shri Nityanand Swami, the first Chief Minister of State, Shri Nityanand Swami Jansewa Samiti honoured Chief Minister Trivendra Singh Rawat honoured with “Swachh Rajnitigya Samman” for political integrity on Thursday.

On this occasion, Chief Minister said that if we really want to fight against corruption, then it is like a Dharamyudh. If fought like Dharamyudh, victory can be achieved. Government needs cooperation of everyone in its crusade against corruption. In politics there is greed and there are also people, who try to allure. Responsible people in the government also come from the public. Chief Minister said that former Chief Minister Late Nityanand Swami made every effort to maintain integrity in politics. It is our prime effort to make sure that there integrity in politics remain maintained but it is only possible when there is transparency. With more and more transparency, there can be clean politics.

Chief Minister said that we have tried very hard to bring transparency in last twenty months. We made the tender process transparent. Introduced Biometric Attendance. For those who do good work, from this year, on Jayanti of Late Atal Ji, we have started the Chief Minister’s Excellence and Good Governance Award. Chief Minister said that it was the result of Swami Ji’s transparent policy that the spine of mining and liquor mafia in the state was broken. Despite various pressures, Swami Ji never bothered. Swami Ji faced all pressures with great courage. It was really an act of great courage. When we took responsibility, the state government was getting revenue of Rs 410 crore from mining. We brought transparency in tendering and started e-tender. As a result, we received revenue of more than Rs. 850 crores in a year from mining. This was possible only by bringing transparency. The result of transparency and good intention was that we were successful in curbing theft. Chief Minister said that there was a loss of Rs 288 crores in the energy sector. We covered Rs 237 crores in the energy sector in the first year. We also covered the previous deficit in the transport sector. Re-estimate of the tender in past years in the Public Works Department was done and and we saved Rs. 150 crores. On the Mohakampur flyover of Dehradun and on the Dr. Visvesvaraya Tunnel, we saved Rs 30 crores. Rs 15 crore rupees are being saved on the construction of Janki bridge in Rishikesh. Solar Water Drinking Water Project, which is a project of Rs 60 crore rupees, is being made in Rs 26 crores. We are taking tough steps to end corruption. He said that the personalities like Late Atal Ji and Late Nityanand Swami Ji are our inspiration. It will be our endeavour that we come clean and unblemished. Chief Minister said that the people have faith in us. Our biggest issue was corruption. We had said that we will stop corruption. We are trying very hard in this direction. Today, people’s attitude towards corruption has changed. There has been a change in the society. We have to find the way. We need very strong will. Those who have the strong will power against corruption also need to contribute and support. This is a very serious issue. Hope that we will get support of all of you.

On this occasion, Shri Nityanand Swami Jansewa Samiti honoured  Bachendri Pal with Uttrakhand Gaurav. Others, who were honoured include Late Pappu Karki (Music), Kiran Ulfat Goyal (Academics), Pawan Aggarwal (Industry), Dr. Rameshwar Pandey and Dr. K.B. Joshi (Medical Services).

In the programme, Vidhan Sabha Speaker Premchand Aggarwal and Swami Chidanand Saraswati were also present.


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