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Sunday, October 24th, 2021

We strongly condemnserious accusations against Harman

"It was 26th January, I raised the National Flag, and could not stop myself from hearing the news of the insult of our National Flag at the Red Fort and reached the Red Fort with the National flag , neither was my intention to insult the flag. nor was there any frivolous act in my mind but  I am being harassed by the police at the behest of Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Home Minister Amit Shah. Rather, the fact is that Deep Sidhu, Modi and Shah are one and fiercely oppose to the farmers,"  Dharmendra Singh Harman.

Founder of Akhil Bhartiya Parivar Party, Shahnawaz Chaudhary Bhartiya and National Vice President Rahul Parcha Bhartiya said that Narendra Modi and Amit Shah have apprehensions about their party thats emerging fast in the country especially their Punjab unit and Bhartiya Kisan Samiti.

"We strongly condemnserious accusations against Harman and want to clarify that the constitution does not forbid carrying the National Flag with respect, so we should look at Harman's patriotism with  respect and not hatred," said Shahnawaz.
He further added," As, we are aware that the farmers' movement has been going on in the entire country for the last several months, in protest against the three agricultural laws passed by the  Government, farmers continue to register their protest, including the borders of Delhi, and in other places in the country through demonstrations and other means."

"Akhil Bhartiya Parivar Party  is a political party    registered by Election Commission ,the Government of India.  All political parties have the right to express their free opinion on any event that takes place in the country. The Akhil Bharatiya Parivar Party believes that the farmers of the country should get their rights, and the government should withdraw the three agricultural laws, accepting the demand of the farmers and by negotiating with the farmers the ongoing national issue should also be resolved. On the basis of similar thoughts  and think tank our party made up its mind to co-operate positively in this protest of the farmers. To fulfill this purpose, the Kisan Samiti of the party "Bharatiya Kisan Samiti"," he added.

 The party launched a series of  medical camp to provide health facilities and through it also provided first aid to millions of farmers at borders  of Ghazipur and Sindhu  borders.  "Our Party's "United Farmers Front" demanded  permission to farmers  to join the parade of  January 26 and same was granted by the government to the farmers. Lakhs of farmers  from all over the country entered Delhi with their tractors but unfortunately on the same day some chaotic elements carried out an unpleasant incident at the country's Heritage Red Fort.  All of which created an unpleasant situation in the whole country, and through various media houses , information started circulating that the National Flag  of the country, has been removed from its place, when  Dharmendra Singh Harman, the leader of the Punjab unit of the party and a member of the Bharatiya Kisan Samiti, came to know about the incidence he  could not restrain himself and took the National Flag and  walked towards the Red Fort with the aim  to replace that the National Flag  that has been removed by the chaotic elements," said Rahul.

" When Dharmendra Singh Harman  reached the Red Fort, he saw that the tricolor is fluttering as such in its  place and the above information is false, Dharmendra Singh Harman , through his Facebook page  showed it live but it proved a costly horrifying affair  as  he was arrested by the Delhi Police on February 2 and he suffered many tortures in jail for 49 days.

  Expressing full faith and belief in the Indian judicial system, our party appealed to the Honorable Court to release Dharmendra Singh Harman  with respect, Dharmendra Singh Harman Bhartiya was also released on bail by the Honorable Court. Our party thanked the honorable court, but we want to know from you and the government and Delhi Police if it is a crime to carry the tricolor in the honour  of the nation, if walking  with National Flag in hand   is a crime in the present times. So, like the millions of revolutionaries who sacrificed their lives for the honour of the  National Flag,  Through all of you, we demand from the Government and the Honorable Court that all the charges made against Dharmendra Singh Harman  who had reached the Red Fort in respect and  honour  of the Nation  and national flag , with National flag in the hand . He must be made free  from all charges and rather be honoured for his patriotism, " added Rahul.



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