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Tuesday, August 3rd, 2021

We help the child become aware of his own rights

INVC NEWS New Delhi,

AAN, Dignity for all,  an Uttarakhand  based NGO in league with volunteers from several known Delhi schools including DPS Mathura road, Rohini and R K Puram, Shri Ram school, Vasant Vihar, and Lotus Valley,Noida conducted a 'Bad Touch-Good Touch' awareness campaign in South Delhi primary Municipal school in MMTC colony educate students about child sexual abuse.

This campaign  is being run in various schools in North india including Delhi to propagate the difference between safe and unsafe touch, sensitise parents and spread awareness to the public through rallies and campaigns. At present, the organisation has covered about 100 schools in various North Indian states.

Chief guest on the occassion was was Chairperson Shri Ramesh Negi, Chairperson of Delhi State Commission of Protection of Child Rights.

The AAN uses student volunteers to propogate the campaign along with audio visual even telling children to   bring the assault to the attention of the public by loudly screaming and running away from the perpetrator.

Shri Ramesh negi speaking on the occasion   encouraged students to immediately inform close members belonging to school or parents  so that future incidents could be averted. “One must not fear the consequences and must immediately speak to a trusted elder.  More such awareness campaigns are necessary since they teach life skills,” he said.

AAN Charitable Trust is a Non-Profit conceptualised on a single thought “a small gesture we make, makes a big difference”. AAN meaning – Dignity in Hindi is a multifaceted organisation. It is an Institutional member of FICCI FLO, Uttarakhand Chapter and is conducting several skill development programs and providing vocational training to women self-help groups in Kumaon region. But the project which is closest to our heart is the sensitising of young primary govt school children of Udham Singh Nagar about good touch and bad touch. These children come from very impoverished back grounds and are at maximum risk of abuse as they are easy targets and can be victimized by people of such mentality.  AAN has also flagged off its journey to cover 100 primary government schools of Udham Singh  Nagar in Uttarakhand district and Delhi-NCR, conducting Awareness campaigns on “Good Touch and Bad Touch”.

"Our motto is to break the silence on this topic and ensure child safety and protection which will in turn reduce the number of POCSO cases in our region. We believe every child should be aware of his body and should be able to differentiate that what are his general and private body parts, so that no one can encroach the sanctity of his body. We carry audio visual slides and our team of volunteers – all students from Private schools – conducts these workshops and explain the concept in a very simple child friendly language. Volunteers teach them how to differentiate between good touch and bad touch, what their safe circle is, and that they are always supposed to tell a trustworthy adult without being afraid if such an incident ever takes place in their lives. Also emphasizing that they should never blame themselves and it is never their fault." said Ms Namita Gupta, Convenor of AAN

"We help the child become aware of his own rights, his own body so that we can help create a safe society.




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