We are the finest army of the world !


– Colonel R D Singh (retd) –

finest-army-of-the-worldAs a veteran, my blood boiled when I saw that video where a jawan shows dal and chapatti, and asks the viewers to make it viral, with a promise to come out with more. That’s what media looks for – sensational news about the armed forces. Then, they convert it into a national debate as if the whole organization is bad. Politicians come in and try to draw out their own  pound of flesh. The ill informed public will curse every one except the man who has blatantly broken the army  rules and standing orders.  Why couldn’t that jawan go up to his Commanding Officer ( CO), and complain. Or report to the senior officers who regularly visit forward posts? Or use a complaint box which is there  in every company / unit. Or, as a last resort, write to his own Army Chief? He did not do so because he is not straight. He appears to be  one of those indisciplined  jawans who turn ‘ problem creators’. May be he got superseded, may be his request for unwarranted  leaves were not accepted, may be he is a habitual offender with poor regimental spirit. Such black sheep are there in every organization, and they need to be taken care of.

So, on the Army Day, the Army Chief General Bipin Rawat , has rightly reinforced the need for discipline and decorum  in the 1.3Colonel-R-D-Singh million strong force. He correctly warned all ranks against ranting their grievances in the social media rather than within the house. There are well laid down channels of airing one’s  grievances/ complaints , right from the sub unit  commander level to the Army Chief. And the grievances redressal mechanism in the organization is highly  responsive which  not only acts on complaints but also has a good feedback system. In a unit, a good CO  knows every thing that happens, good or bad, because he is with them during PT/ games parade/ training/ evening roll calls etc. A  company / platoon commander, even on the forward posts, spends much greater time with his troops, eating the same food.  So, problem of a jawan, if any, is immediately noticed and corrective action taken.  When I used to see  some jawan feeling low, I would myself go across and ask him the reason, and he would open out. The solution will follow there and then.

Through out my 38 years of active service ( 1974 to 2012), I have commanded troops in various capacities, in every terrain, including the Jammu Transit camp which is largest in the Asia ( awarded under my command the ISO 9001 certification for excellence in secutiy and administration). One took pride in looking after ones jawans, and see them smiling. Leaving aside a very small number, our jawans are the finest roops in the world, and the UN swears by them. How did we capture the Tiger hill? Because, the attack was led by a young officer ( Vikram Batra ), and the troops were highly motivated. How did we successful y carry out surgical strikes behind the enemy lines?  Because our officers and jawans are operationally top rate, putting nation before self. How does army always succeed in rescuing civilians during flood or droughts or any natural calamity?  Because, we have well rehearsed standing operating procedures ( SOPs), and there is total professionalism in execution of the assigned tasks.

So, please leave the army to do its job. Do not drag it in media  debates, or politics,  thereby affecting its discipline and morale. If there are problems, we will surely  take care. We will ensure that our men and women are happy and motivated. For us, serving soldiers and veterans, nation is always first.


Colonel-R-D-SinghColonel-R-D-Singh-207x300About the author

Colonel R D Singh (retd) 

Col R D Singh is a decorated soldier who successfully  commanded 48 Armd Regt. He has been an Instructor ( DS) at the DSSC Wellington, and Col ‘ Q ‘( Ops) of a strike corps. He was awarded the COAS commendation card while serving at Jammu,  and Army Commander’s commendation card  for his outstanding work at Leh in 2009.

The officer  hung his uniform in 2012, and is now fully committed to social work. A star blood donor himself, he helps poor children for a bright future. They have a happy  family, where wife is a senior teacher, daughter a High Court lawyer, and son an army Capt.  The veteran loves gardening, and promotes cycling.

contact – : Add. 96/ Sector D Defence Colony Ambala Cantt – 133001 (Haryana) Mob: 9467634686

*Disclaimer: The views expressed by the author in this feature are entirely his own and do not necessarily reflect the views of INVC NEWS


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