Wednesday, April 1st, 2020

We are quite familiar how weather affect us with different rainfall : Dr. Shailesh nayak

INVC,, Delhi,, The mankind faces problems today such as declining ocean’s vitality, rising sea levels, loss of glaciers, the intensity of weather condition, the rise of humidity and its impact on drought, floods and seasons, the loss of agricultural productivity, and the rise of tropical diseases which need to review. Addressing as the Chief Guest at World Meteorological Day celebration here today, Dr. Shailesh nayak, Secretary, Ministry of Earth Sciences said, “We are quite familiar how weather affect us with different rainfall, temperature, wind, but we are still not very sure how the changing climate is likely to affect us. That is the reason World Meteorological Organization (WMO) decided to focus on ‘Climate for You’. It is a very complex phenomena with different components which include the earth, the ocean, snow, ice, and biosphere. The Earth System and the Climate has a lot of synergy. During study of the planetary processes, essentially one tries to understand the climate.” The first impact of climate was around 65000 years ago when migration took place and settlements took place near shores where water and food were available and the atmosphere was conducive. Dr Nayak said, “We are committed to continuously improve climate observation, research, prediction and assessment, and promote the application of climate information in society and economy. Constant efforts are being made to further enhance accuracy of monitoring and prediction, timeliness of disaster early warning.” Dr Nayak added that the benefits of these services will translate into enhanced economic productivity and increased human safety. Earlier Dr Ajit Tyagi, M D, Indian Meteorological Department gave welcome address and also gave details about today’ seminar .



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