Thursday, April 9th, 2020

Waterman meets Vice chairman of Planning Commission on Jal-Jan Jodo Abhiyan

Rajendra Singh Waterman, Waterman Rajendra Singh ,Jal-Jan Jodo Abhiyan ,MGNREGA,Montek Singh Ahluwalia,Jai Ram Ramesh,INVC, Delhi, Rajendra Singh aka Waterman had a meeting with Sri Montek Singh Ahluwalia at Planning Commission on his national water awareness campaign Jal-Jan Jodo Abhiyan. The focus of the meeting was on the rejuvenation of rivers of the country by decentralized community driven water resources management. The other members of planning commission present at the meeting were Sri V.K. Chaturvedi, Sri Abhijeet Sen and other senior officials. After hearing the personal experience of Sri Rajendra Singh on his successful work in the Alwar region of Rajasthan of water conservation, Sri Montek Singh Ahluwalia raised the possibility of replicating such good examples through MGNREGA. Sri Rajendra Singh has emphasized on the lack of training and awareness of the beneficiaries and other stakeholders of the MGNREGA before implementing the program. Subsequently, the program has lost its original sense for creating the village level assets ensuring sustainable development besides providing an employment opportunity. Sri Rajendra Singh said that through MGNREGA, the small rivers of the country can be saved. Sri Montek Singh Ahluwalia assured to take up the issues with the Rural Minister Sri Jai Ram Ramesh.



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