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Sunday, July 25th, 2021

Water in River Satluj is being discharged​


  • Deploys NDRF and Army companies, as precautionary measure, to combat any kind of flood-like situation
  • Oversees Irrigation, drainage department teams as villagers join hands with Army to repair the damaged caused by heavy discharge from Pakistan

​            Work of plugging the damaged embankment at village Tendiwala was going on at war level, the Deputy Commissioner Ferozepur Mr. Chander Gaind said adding that the district administration had also roped in irrigation department, drainage department teams who along with villagers had joined hands with the Army in ensuring the safety of all residents. 

            While taking stock of ongoing plugging work, Deputy Commissioner Mr. Chander Gaind reiterated that the administration would leave no stone unturned to strengthen this embankment adding that as a precautionary measures, the deployment of NDRF and Army teams had also been made in the area. 

            Further,  Mr. Gaind said that the administration had also, in the most sensitive villages, announced for evacuation to combat any kind of flood-like situation besides stationing of medical teams in the area. 

            He said that a large number of gunny bags full of sand have been put in the damaged area of the embankment to repair the loss.

            Divulging further, Mr. Gaind said that Tendiwala is the last village at Indo-Pak border, where massive discharge has been released from the Pakistan side which has hampered the embankment badly, adding he said that the water in River Satluj is being discharged from Pakistan side in almost double quantity than it goes into Pakistan from Ferozepur.

            The deputy commissioner further added that this water contains waste of leader tanneries situated in the Kasoor area of Pakistan causing severe health hazard to the health of people living in these villages. Mr. Gaind said that all officials have been asked to show solidarity with the Army and other departments dedicated to rescuing and repairing work to ensure maximum optimization of resources to tackle this problem.

            The deputy commissioner said that the district administration is ready to combat any kind of situation with the deployment of rescue teams in the area and early evacuation of most sensitive villages however our primary focus is to strengthen the embankment to avert any sort of flood-like situation.




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