Saturday, July 4th, 2020

Wanted to change Scam Haryana to Skill Haryana : Modi

Scam Haryana to Skill HaryanaVikram Rajput, INVC, Rohtak, He greeted the people on Valmiki Jayanti, and saluted the personnel of Indian Air Force on Air Force Day. He said this assembly election was one which would decide the future of Haryana. He said there have been repeated instances of atrocities on Dalits in Haryana, and the perpetrators had not been brought to book. The Prime Minister said Governments existed for the poor, and promised to provide a state government which would work for the poor.  He said that for the last few years, there was a trend of migration from rural areas of Haryana to other states. This sorry state of affairs had been brought about by successive state governments, he said. He said the administration of Haryana had always been in the hands of a few families. He called for freeing Haryana from the clutches of these families. The Prime Minister said the BJP has brought the possibility of a state government that would be free of these evils.He said the Congress leaders are spreading lies. He said he wanted to change "Scam Haryana" to "Skill Haryana." The Prime Minister highlighted the poor sex ratio of Haryana. He said the mothers and sisters of Haryana should now get a chance to live their lives with dignity. He said Haryana also needed freedom from musclemen. The Prime Minister said today there was a new respect across the world for India. This was due to the decisive mandate given to the Union Government by 125 crore Indians. The Prime Minister said he wanted the Centre and States to work as a team, despite any political differences. He said one state government and one central government should together work as "one and one - eleven." The Prime Minister exhorted people to elect a government with full BJP majority, so that it could be held accountable. The Prime Minister said our National Flag as four colours, and he wants to bring a four-fold revolution, based on these colours. He said a saffron revolution was required for energy. A white revolution was required for milk production. He said a second green revolution was required to increase agricultural productivity and value-addition. He said a blue revolution was required for port development, fisheries development, and better utilization of the resources of the sea.



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