Vladimir Putin
Vladimir Putin

Moscow : This article provides an overview of the recent incident involving Russian President Vladimir Putin’s health, covering the heart attack scare, the swift response, insights from the Telegram channel “General SVR,” and the unconfirmed claims. As the situation unfolds, we must rely on verified information to form a clear understanding of this event.

Russian President Vladimir Putin’s Health Scare: What We Know

In recent days, the world has been abuzz with rumors and reports surrounding Russian President Vladimir Putin’s health. Allegations of a heart attack and a dramatic collapse in his bedroom have made headlines globally. This article aims to dissect the situation and provide clarity on the matter, separating fact from fiction.

The Heart Attack Incident: The initial shockwave began with reports of a heart attack suffered by President Putin. According to media accounts, he was discovered on the floor of his bedroom. These alarming claims were first brought to light on a Telegram channel operated by a Kremlin insider.

Immediate Response: It was stated that President Putin’s security detail promptly found him in this dire condition. Fortunately, immediate medical attention was provided, leading to a slight improvement in his condition. The rapid response of his guards and medical team played a crucial role in this situation.

Telegram Channel Insights: The Telegram channel “General SVR” is known for its regular commentary on the health of the Russian President. In the midst of these events, the channel made further assertions. It hinted at Putin’s illness and even suggested the use of body doubles during recent foreign trips.

The Incident in Detail: According to “General SVR,” the incident occurred around 9 pm Moscow time when security officers at the President’s residence heard a noise and a crashing sound from his room. Two officers rushed to the scene and found Putin lying on the floor next to his bed. An overturned table added to the commotion.

Medical Response: The channel claimed that Putin was in a convulsive state with his eyes rolled back when found. Immediately, the on-duty doctor, situated in an adjacent room, was summoned to attend to the President. This swift medical response was crucial in stabilizing Putin’s condition.

The Grim Outlook: Adding to the gravity of the situation, it’s worth noting that President Putin has been battling various health issues, including cancer. “General SVR” on Telegram has boldly asserted that, given Putin’s health status, surviving beyond this winter may be unlikely.

Unconfirmed Claims: It’s essential to emphasize that while these reports have gained significant attention, many of the claims made by “General SVR” and others remain unconfirmed. Allegations of body doubles and other speculative details have not been substantiated by official sources.


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