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Thursday, December 9th, 2021

VIVO IPL 2017 Trophy Tour Fascinates Fans in Indore

Actor-Karan-Kundra-charms-tINVC NEWS Indore,

Following a successful run in 12 cities across India, the VIVOIPL trophy received a remarkable response in Indore at The C21 Mall on 27th March,2017. The fans were excited to see the trophy their team will be competing for during the tournament. The cricket crazy fans in Indore got a chance to capture themselves in a special moment with the Vivo IPL trophy. Actor Karan Kundra added excitement amongst the crowd when the trophy reached C21 mall where selfie enthusiasts got a chance to capture perfect selfies with the VIVOIPL trophy.
Around 1500 enthusiastic fans enjoyed the sight of the coveted VIVOIPL trophy and engaged themselves in various exciting activities. The trophy is now heading towards the city of Nagpur.



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